Now you don't have to remember passwords...

... or worry about digital security.
Progressive Security Framework

Bundle with any Atmosphere platforms and inspire awe

Get access to Atmosphere, JMarket, Seven Gems, DAMN and plus more platforms.

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Kingdom Lock value propositions

Digital security solution you can afford
Secure your credentials and digital resources under one platform, and have control at the palm of your hand.
Password Encryption

Secured Credentials

Protected Assets and Resources

Authentication and Authorization

For Your Sake

Next of Kin Delegation

On Demand Security Automations

Secured Computing Automations

For Developers, By Developers

Kingdom Lock Makes Developing Secured Platforms Better
You can work on Kingdom Lock's CLI, REST and GraphQL APIs, and/or the desktop client to generate and inject application secrets to CI/CD pipelines, including Encrypted Text, API Keys/Tokens, JWT and Cookie Signatures, and PKIs. With Kingdom Lock's easy to use copy and paste clipboard on the CLI, and on the mobile and desktop clients, you can relax while developing out of the box secured platforms.
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Data Protection
Make Kingdom Lock your security handler and protect your data from hackers and unwanted/unauthorized access. Also encrypt your data as you sending it over the internet, it will only be accessed by the intended recepient, plus get more access to other security features.